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Welcome to Sarah Daulton’s Build Your Own Thanksgiving

As we near the last weeks of November, there is a distinct vibe of Thanksgiving celebration and gratitude in the air – for those of us living in Colorado, it comes accompanied by thick snow, moments of contemplation, and preparation for next week’s holiday as the cold drives us back into our homes for a moment of pause.

Sarah, the owner of Denver Cooking Classes and Chefstructor, centers her profession around the magic of celebration and food every day of the year. For her, the simplest pleasure of her profession is the gift of being able to enter someone’s home, embrace their kitchen, to spend time in the heart of their home, and to celebrate alongside them as they make their meal. With years of culinary experience centered around curated moments of celebration and gratitude, Sarah is going to walk us through how to build your OWN Thanksgiving table.

So what are Sarah’s integral ingredients to build a rich Thanksgiving?

  1. A Gathering: Sarah left home over twenty years ago, and she’s been building her own experiences centered around people and food since then. Whether Thanksgiving was spent with one other person, a group or a new and unexpected invite, the magic of connection and shared celebration was what made those experiences unforgettable.
  2. A Pinch of Nostalgia: Sarah says, “Thanksgiving, to me, is like a walk down sensory lane. When I really tap into my idea of Thanksgiving, my senses light up. I can hear the Thanksgiving Day parade on the TV, and my grandmother giggling about what cute floats they came up with that year. For the rest of the day, it was football, and grandpa grumbling at the TV. Doorbell ringing, dog barking, siblings running around, and my stomach, growling. Mom made all the classics. Cranberry sauce, right out of the can – I can see it jiggling around on the plate and full disclosure here: YUM. She made the turkey, mashed potatoes with all the butter, and the thing I miss the most, grandma’s creamed spinach. I ate that stuff by the gallon. I could keep going here but anyone reading this gets it, right? Thanksgiving is a journey of the senses; smells, sounds, textures, and tastes galore. Nostalgia, then. That’s what thanksgiving means to me”.
  3. A Favorite Dish: Sarah is no stranger to having to improvise and be expansive with her food array; her food allergies make it so that the traditional Thanksgiving fare we might be familiar with is out of reach for her, for health reasons. So while she’s confident in her ability to make all of the traditional dishes gluten and dairy free (we’re serious, just ask her!), she loves to bring adventure and outside the box thinking to the holiday table. So what’s Sarah cooking this year? A steak, crab legs. Perhaps a baked sweet potato.
  4. A Winning Recipe: Looking for a recommendation? One of Sarah’s favorite dishes to make for Thanksgiving is roasted acorn squash with a Poblano Pesto and pomegranate seeds. Is your mouth watering yet? Tune in next week for a recipe!
  5. A Sense of Adventure: Denver Cooking Classes is built on the concept of connection and creating memories with food as a conduit for the experience. Whether you are wandering outside your comfort zone with a new recipe this year, creating a new tradition (Sarah recommends a day of Christmas music and tree decoration on Thanksgiving, just to shake things up!), or accepting an unexpected invite, we recommend a hefty dose with of adventure. Measure with your heart.

Here at Denver Cooking Classes, every day is a celebration of the cornerstone of food, experience and connection – Thanksgiving is no exception!

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