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Strengthen Your Bond Through Cooking

I’ve always felt that the most romantic and intimate moments are when we co-create in the kitchen. I don’t know what it is about cooking, but I’ve found it to not only be very therapeutic but also a way to engage with my partner in a way no other activity really allows for.

There’s something about food that breaks down barriers and opens the door to a sense of safe vulnerability. It’s almost like a magical dance that’s not rehearsed, but rather, understood. Working together, communicating, creating, exploring…for me, it’s sheer bliss.

I find it fascinating, during our date night classes, to see couples start out feeling a little nervous and shy. Neither one really knowing what to expect. But once we get our hands dirty, both start to open up and play in a way that they likely haven’t in quite some time. It’s a beautiful thing to witness and be a part of. Isn’t that what date night is supposed to be all about?? Connecting on a different level and deepening that bond that brought us together in the first place??

One of my favorite menus to prepare with couples is from our Italy collection. It’s such a sexy and romantic menu filled with learning new skills and working together as a team. From kneading a homemade gnocchi dough to preparing all the ingredients for the various dishes, couples get to work together to create a beautiful meal they will enjoy. The process is undeniably one of the greatest pleasures I get to experience with what we do.

Let’s face it, as couples, there is that tendency to get into a routine where we’re just going through the motions. It happens. And with our busy schedules, it can be challenging to find new and interesting ways to light that fire. Why not schedule date night at the market? Spend time picking out ingredients together, flirting in the isles. Take time to unwind with your favorite glass of wine while stealing kisses over the cutting board. Light the candles and create a beautiful scene to enjoy what you’ve created. Let the magic happen and open your world to a deeper understanding of each other. And if you allow it, date night can be a magnificent moment where memories are created and cherished for a lifetime.

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