Poached Tuna Sandwich, Flora Farms

Flora Farms is a 25 acre farm situated in the beautiful foothills in San Jose del Cabo. It boasts a large and stunning garden, a beautiful restaurant, an intimate bar, and even live music. The restaurant is designed to be open-small tables speckle the exterior of the dining room, yeilding space to the bustle of the servers. A small market boasts fresh vegetables, handmade floral tiaras, and fresh breads, baked that morning, line the shelves just beyond the busy kitchen. The Sierra de la Laguna mountains sit nestled in the distance, and the gardens expand to the back-in perfect alignment for all the diners to enjoy.

And enjoy you must-as Flora Farms cuisine is nothing short of breathtaking. Begin your meal with a refreshing garden carrot margarita, perhaps a sangria with an entire garden salad for garnish, or cool down with a cold glass of Albarino. Next, there’s the burrata-the best to boot-house made mozzarella, creamy goat cheese, marinated farm tomatoes, and spicy arugula will wow your taste buds, and just in time for whipped butter and house baked bread to arrive at your table. If you’re enjoying lunch, the tuna sandwich will blow your mind. This isn’t tuna from a can-it’s fresh tuna, poached in olive oil, fennel, dill, & lemon, and served on home made ciabatta. Fresh greens accompany this sandwich masterpiece to the side. A bottle of chilled white wine pairs with perfection. Taste buds tantalized, belly full, a solid wine buzz-and you’ve got just the right ingredients for an afternoon siesta. But not before an after lunch stroll through the gardens….

The farms are nothing short of spectacular-rows of fresh greens, radish peeking from the soil, squash blossoms beg to be plucked and stuffed, and flowers shine their lovely faces toward the sun. Flora Farms growing season often lasts up to 8 months-sometimes the focus is vegetables and herbs, and others, fruits like bananas, mangos, & papayas. Everything is cultivated by hand, the soil left almost untouched-only to rotate and nourish from the top down. Crops are pesticide free, chili pepper and garlic essence the only things used for fumigation. The entire menu is based around only what’s in season & what’s grown right in their back yard. Flora Farms omits beef from the menu-as they view it as unsustainable-there isn’t enough water in Baja, either.

So next time you find yourself in San Jose del Cabo, Baja, do yourseld a favor and visit Flora Farms-frequented by Thomas Keller himself, and enjoy one of the best meals in the most perfect settings, of your lifetime.

This recipe is my take on the poached tuna sandwich: