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Meet The Chef: Christina Martin

With a passion for nutrition and all things veggies, it didn’t start out to be a journey of learning, teaching and growing. This former stock broker and restaurant operator had a health crisis that caused her to take a deep dive into the healing power of what was on her fork. Over the course of the last decade, Christina has become an accomplished Whole-Foods Plant Based (WFPB) chef. Her passion for helping others transform the foods they love into a healthier version of itself has become a driving force in her life.

Her culinary knowledge of various cuisines from all over the world allow this chef to be daring in the kitchen. Experimenting with new and exciting foods keep her creative juices flowing. “Cookbooks aren’t just for recipes. They’re for inspiration. Plus, I love reading the stories behind the dish,” says Christina.

In addition to being a plant-based chef, Christina also manages social media for small local businesses as well as continues to serve in the hospitality industry. She also provides coaching and support for those who desire to add more Whole-Foods to their lifestyle while supporting their health and weight loss goals.

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