Corporate Cooking Classes

Join Denver Cooking Classes for Your Next Team Building and Corporate Event!

What To Expect

You and your team will spend 3 hours in our private kitchen located in Denver, just a few minutes from downtown. The space is both a kitchen and an event space, allowing your team to sit down after class and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Choose a Menu!

Your team will choose from two of our most popular global menus: Italy or Thailand. Each of these 3 course menus provide your team with knife skills, new communication skills, as well as a few cooking demonstrations. Class is 3 hours, with the first 2 hours dedicated to cooking. Enjoy the last hour of class seated in our dining area enjoying your 3 course meal with your team.  Learn more about our menus HERE


$125.00 per guest, in addition to our standard 18% gratuity for our chefs. This includes the private use of our facility, all equipment, ingredients, and our exceptional staff guiding you along the way.

WE DO NOT PROVIDE ALCOHOL for your class, but are happy to offer wine pairings that can be brought or delivered to our location. We will have wine glasses available.

Our wonderful chefs are highly trained, skilled, and passionate about food, teaching, hospitality, and will see to it that your cooking class experience is among the best!