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Strengthen Your Bond Through Cooking

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I’ve always felt that the most romantic and intimate moments are when we co-create in the kitchen. I don’t know what it is about cooking, but I’ve found it to not only be very therapeutic but also a way to engage with my partner in a way no other activity really allows for. There’s something ... Read more

Meet The Chef: Christina Martin

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With a passion for nutrition and all things veggies, it didn’t start out to be a journey of learning, teaching and growing. This former stock broker and restaurant operator had a health crisis that caused her to take a deep dive into the healing power of what was on her fork. Over the course of ... Read more

Meet The Owner: Sarah Daulton

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Since the age of 15, Sarah has had her finger on the pulse of the restaurant industry. Starting out as a server, Sarah quickly learned that her personality was a better fit for the kitchen. She’s been slinging knives ever since. From working on the line to running her own successful catering company, Sarah’s background ... Read more

Welcome to Charcuterie 101

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Whether you’re looking for a unique Girl’s Night Out or have an upcoming birthday or Bachelorette Party, our new Charcuterie 101 class is sure to be a hit!! What’s the history behind this delicious presentation of food? Charcuterie originated in France during the 15th century and the word literally means cured meats. As you can ... Read more

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