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Free your inner chef and unlock your creativity with Denver Cooking Classes! Read here to enjoy fun recipes, updates on our rotating menus, and to stay current with our favorite topic: FOOD!

Sarah’s Thanksgiving Tips

| Denver Cooking Classes

The sound of football on TV, doorbells ringing, dogs barking, the smell of turkey roasting…it must be Thanksgiving!  This uniquely American holiday is all about food, which can be a little intimidating if you’re hosting for the first time or if you need to adjust your favorite recipes to accommodate the food allergies of your ... Read more

Meet The Chef: Carolina Orozco

| Denver Cooking Classes

We LOVE the newest member of our Chefstructor team. She brings a genuine authenticity and charm to our group and we’re excited to have her. A native of Mexico City, Carolina’s love for cooking started in her grandmother’s kitchen. After moving to the States, Carolina quickly assimilated into the restaurant industry, carving her own path ... Read more

Who Doesn’t LOVE a Great Soup??

| Denver Cooking Classes

As the trees start to surrender and shed the last of their foliage, cooler temperatures lead us to the warmth and comfort of soup. Whether it be a hearty chowder or a simple broth based soup, our bowls beg to be filled with flavors that wrap our souls in blankets of tenderness that only a ... Read more

Fall For France!!

| Denver Cooking Classes

As the temperatures start to drop and the days grow shorter, many of us find our way to our favorite comfort foods. Soups, stews and heavier sides lends itself to the savory flavors we all crave. Unlike our sisters Spring and Summer, Fall leads us to our cozy blankets and warm fire places. Nothing warms ... Read more

Enjoying The Bounty Of Fall

| Denver Cooking Classes

This time of year is always a special time. The heat of Summer has begun to fade. The days are becoming shorter and with them cooler evenings. The sweetness of the Fall air is perfumed by the changing of the leaves and with that all their glorious colors. It’s also time to reap the bountiful ... Read more

Strengthen Your Bond Through Cooking

| Denver Cooking Classes

I’ve always felt that the most romantic and intimate moments are when we co-create in the kitchen. I don’t know what it is about cooking, but I’ve found it to not only be very therapeutic but also a way to engage with my partner in a way no other activity really allows for. There’s something ... Read more

Meet The Owner: Sarah Daulton

| Denver Cooking Classes

Since the age of 15, Sarah has had her finger on the pulse of the restaurant industry. Starting out as a server, Sarah quickly learned that her personality was a better fit for the kitchen. She’s been slinging knives ever since. From working on the line to running her own successful catering company, Sarah’s background ... Read more

Welcome to Charcuterie 101

| Denver Cooking Classes

Whether you’re looking for a unique Girl’s Night Out or have an upcoming birthday or Bachelorette Party, our new Charcuterie 101 class is sure to be a hit!! What’s the history behind this delicious presentation of food? Charcuterie originated in France during the 15th century and the word literally means cured meats. As you can ... Read more

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