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The Spicy Tale of Harissa Wings

Harissa Wings

The Spicy Tale of Harissa Wings

Embark on a flavorful journey with Harissa Wings, where the heat of North Africa meets a beloved culinary classic. Discover the fiery history of harissa, rooted in Tunisian tradition, and dive into our tantalizing recipe that marries spice with comfort.

Vanilla Bean Carrots Plated On Table

Rainbow on a Plate: Vanilla Bean Carrots with a Wild Twist

Discover the versatility of carrots in “Rainbow on a Plate,” our latest blog at Denver Cooking Classes. Chef Sarah Daulton shares her unique culinary twist on carrots with a special recipe: Vanilla Bean Carrots with Wild Boar and Pomegranate. Join us for a flavorful journey celebrating this humble yet versatile vegetable.

Ricotta Gnocchi

Our Favorite Ricotta Gnocchi for Spring

Spring in Colorado has no shortage of beautiful vegetables and herbs, especially after all of this rain! Asparagus, peas, mushrooms, chives, and their bright purple blossoms all begin staking their claim in dishes across the city. This is one of our favorite seasons for local ingredients, and we want to share our favorite spring dish … Read more

Happy New Year!

2022 is a wrap! In this last year we have grown so much and are delighted by the clients we’ve cooked with, the partnerships we’ve developed and the talented team of instructors that we’ve built. At Denver Cooking Classes, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering a full experience that includes foundational knife skills, in depth … Read more

A Hearty Holiday Meal

As winter and colder weather are upon us, we love a hearty and warming recipe as the centerpiece to a memorable meal. At Denver Cooking Classes, we love to experiment with powerful flavors and to redefine what traditional holiday cuisine might look like! New flavors and combinations can be so exciting, and there’s something fun … Read more

Welcome to our Denver Cooking Classes Holiday Gift Guide!

December is a festive time to build community, tradition and new experiences, and Denver Cooking Classes has just the thing for you! We are a small, women owned business passionate about building education, skills and connections through food and people. Consider shopping small this holiday season and gifting your friends and loved ones (or even … Read more

Coq Au Vin: History & A Note from Sarah

With the change of each season comes the change in what grows, and in what we eat. Spring brings foods that pop, such as peas, mint, chives, and mushrooms. As summer approaches we lighten up and move into more herbs, greens, & tomatoes.  Upon the arrival of fall, we start to root down and gravitate … Read more

A Moment of Gratitude

November is often framed as a month of Gratitude and thankfulness, and the vibe is present here at Denver Cooking Classes, where we converge food and human experience to create unforgettable memories!  Before we dive into the thick of the holiday season, with its hectic scheduling, densely packed celebrations and gift giving, we are taking … Read more

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