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A Moment of Gratitude

November is often framed as a month of Gratitude and thankfulness, and the vibe is present here at Denver Cooking Classes, where we converge food and human experience to create unforgettable memories! 

Before we dive into the thick of the holiday season, with its hectic scheduling, densely packed celebrations and gift giving, we are taking a pause to absorb all of our blessings and express our gratitude for this moment. 

What are we grateful for today? 

Owner and Chefstructor, Sarah Daulton is feeling an abundance this holiday season with new staffing, an incredible business coach, an amazing kitchen space for team building events, a brilliant accountant, and ultimately a team of people who are invested in her vision for Denver Cooking Classes. As she revels in the support that she is receiving, and her new partnership with Jason (who takes time out on a regular basis to keep up maintenance on our awesome website) and Jasmin (who pushes her to the think outside the box), she is grateful for the unique chefstructors that bring the experience and vision she’s built to the table of others. 

Gratitude is a practice, just like cooking or yoga or going to the gym. The power of thought can take us all a very long way! This impactful statement is backed by positive psychology research; gratitude helps people focus on positive emotions, relish in good experiences, improve their overall health and build strong relationships. Denver Cooking Classes is a business model built on the intersectionality of those ideas; Sarah’s extensive experience with food sensitivities, food education and menu planning makes her a unique asset in discovering the correlation between wellness, memory building and experiences centered around food. 

So, what is her secret to a sustained gratitude practice that can reframe her thinking?

Sarah shares her daily gratitudes with an accountability buddy; she’s been building this intentional practice for years! Through this practice, she has discovered that there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for, even when life is handing us lemons (and let’s be honest – she’d be able to make something delicious out of those, no problem!). Sarah reframes her thinking to remind herself that she has a wonderful business she’s built that she gets to share with others, food in her belly, a roof over her head, and she is surrounded by love. 

While there are days when the human experience is heavy, and it can be difficult to keep going, Sarah returns to her gratitude practice and reminds herself that she can take a deep breath and focus on all she is grateful for – there is light EVERYWHERE, if we know where to look.

As we wrap up November and excitedly look toward the buzz December will bring, we extend our gratitude to all of you for making this a wonderfully productive month at Denver Cooking Classes. From in-home classes, team building classes and gift card purchases (not to mention the behind the scenes projects), Sarah has stepped into her company more so this month than in past years, with a strong and diverse team of talent to accompany her into her vision.

YOU are a part of that! 

We are feeling the magic of your support and engagement with our mission. 

We are grateful for YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Denver Cooking Classes to you and yours!

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