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In-Home Classes

Our in-home classes are curated for students who want to enjoy a hands on, chef guided cooking class led by one of our talented Chefstrcutors, in the comfort of their own home.

Our mission is to take our students out of their comfort zones and into a new way of thinking, from a cooks perspective!

Our menus can be adjusted to accommodate most dietary restrictions!

Team-Building Cooking Classes

Denver Cooking Classes offers a top rated team building experience for your corporate events. The Chef guided menus we offer are hands on, energetic, collaborative, and require a team to execute!

Our menus can be adjusted to accommodate most dietary restrictions!

About Denver Cooking Classes

Denver Cooking Classes was created to bring you in-home, chef guided cooking classes. We provide most equipment, ingredients, and offer exciting menus to learn from.

Whether you’re hosting a party, a team building experience, a special occasion date night, or you just want to learn something new, Denver Cooking Classes has you covered!

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Based on 144 reviews
Terri Griffin
Terri Griffin
What a fun experience. My family and I had Chef Carolina to my house for the Thai cooking class. It was so much fun. They bring everything and clean up afterwards. Chef Carolina was a great teacher and we enjoyed the entire experience! The food was excellent.
Jacob Stackhouse
Jacob Stackhouse
We had the best time with Denver Cooking Classes! Chef T was spectacular! She did a great job leading us through some dishes in Spain! The Paella was to die for! She made it easy with detailed instructions for what we would be making, knife skills, how to make the dishes, and cleaned up for us! I’d highly recommend booking a class with Denver Cooking Classes!
Dulci Jensen
Dulci Jensen
Sarah made my 60th surprise birthday so incredibly special. The food was incredible, the mood was festive and fun and I wouldn’t have changed a second!! Thank you a thousand times!
Shawn Brownlee
Shawn Brownlee
Sarah was awesome!! What a fun evening!! Learned a whole bunch!! Thank you Sarah!!
Family Fuel
Family Fuel
So good !!!! I will book again for sure ! Sarah was amazing !
Andi Hise
Andi Hise
Carolina came to our home for the couples date night package, and it was so much fun! The food was absolutely fabulous. We did the Italy menu, but we will definitely be trying additional menus because we had the best time!!!
Chris K
Chris K
We had so much fun! The food we made was spectacular. Honestly wasn't sure if our work team was going to enjoy making their own food and it was a total hit with everyone. We will definitely be making some gnocchi at home, in the very near future! We will definitely book this again.
Hope Thompson
Hope Thompson
I hosted a class for my friend's birthday. Chef Carolina prepared a Spanish themed menu despite our "help." The food was incredible and abundant! We all had so much fun and Carolina cleaned up! What a gift!
William “Bill” Stephens
William “Bill” Stephens
My family and I had a great time. Chef T was delightful and a marvelous teacher. We will definitely do this again! Thank you, Bill
colter h
colter h
Date night.☺️ Got to surprise my sweetie w a surprise dinner at a special place. A table with a view! Remote style. Made EXTREMELY more special with the absolutely amazingly skilled chef, Sarah Daulton, and her delicious delights of nutritious splendor and explosions of flavor she makes for the mouth! Wow! She is incredible! I can’t even repeat exactly what we had as her descriptions of EVERY course were so exquisite, mouth watering and full of little details… Fresh this, fresh that, little bit of that herb, pinch of this to augment that flavor, some sweet to balance the little spicy, etc. etc. All was MUCH better than I could have ever expected. Healthy too. Not too many get such fine treatment. What a nice date at a little hidden gem of a park where I grew up. ❤️🙏🏻 #dinnerwithaview #tablewithaview

Our Cooking Classes

Private Cooking Classes

Private Cooking Class

You and up to 8 of your friends will enjoy a 3 hour hands-on, private class.

Date Night Cooking Class

date night / Couples Cooking Class

The perfect class for couple’s who want to spice it up in the kitchen!

Corporate Cooking Class

Book your team building, corporate, or private event in our commercial kitchen. Inquire for more info.

Gift Cards

The perfect unique gift for the foodie in your life!

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